The Best Movies Of 2021

As of yet


Despite movie theater doors being well and truly no ocupado for over a year, the movie industry has still been producing some gems (Thanks Netflix). Although we are still patiently awaiting our promised 007 hit alongside many others that are desperate to make it to the big screen, some cheeky films have made it through and reached our TVs this year. 

A Quiet Place Part II 

A terrifying sequel to John Krasinski’s 2018 A Quiet Place, this movie follows the same family as they venture into the threatening outside world. Bringing us back to the horror created on the big screen, this epic will have you squeezing the stranger’s hand next to you. 

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2. Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry

A very fitting title from R.J Cutler capturing the world’s confusion during this pandemic. Unknowingly catching the astounding ascent of pop star Billie Eillish, moving from creating music in her brother, Finneas O’Connell’s bedroom, to directing her own music videos. Watch the birth of an electropop star.

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3. Creation Stories 

Recording the pure talent of record label king, Alan McGee, director Nick Moran adapts McGee’s 2013 autobiography and encapsulates the sheer cheekiness and energetic myth-making of a music legend. 

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4. The Father 

A touching story of the relationship between a defiant ageing father and his encouraging daughter.  As we watch 80-year-old Anthony cling to the remainder of his memory, we cling on to the love of our parents. A movie that poignantly warms the heart and makes us want to hug our nearest and dearest.

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5. Godzilla vs. Kong

Watch the ultimate face-off between two titans with the world in their hands on the big screen. If a film was made for sipping on a Tango Ice Blast and shoving popcorn down your face in the dark, it was this one. 

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6.  Nomadland 

Named Best Film at the Oscars this year, Chloé Zhao’s presents us with Fern’s emotional journey of healing through America, capturing the restlessness left behind after the Great Recession. This did a lot of Nomadland reviews and made the movie score relatively high.

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7. Palm Springs 

Living the same day over and over again stuck in a time loop, watch the romance of 2 wedding guests develop. A smash at this year’s Sundance film festival, probably because we’ve been stuck in the same monotony for over a year! Thanks, COVID - a little too relatable. 

8. Fatherhood 

Kevin Hart leads this Netflix movie as a widowed father learning the ropes of raising newborn daughter, Maddy. A movie that turns on the waterworks and makes us ladies a little too broody, watch the hilarious Hart handle diaper disasters in the cutest way possible! 
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