‘Fenty The F Stands For Freedom’ And Freedom Is Here To Stay

Rihanna reveals her new Fenty Campaign, fronted by activists and creatives ready to change the world.


What does freedom mean to you? Is it donning your own 1-bedroom apartment in the city, sprinting through the trees, or is it being confident enough to speak your mind and know your voice will be heard? Freedom is the narrative that flows throughout the 2-20 Fenty Campaign.

With the much needed and overdue demise of Victoria’s Secret, we’re like kids at Christmas waiting to see what Rihanna reveals with both Savage X Fenty and clothing brand Fenty. She is challenging the fashion industry and what high fashion stands for.

In the words of Fenty, their new launch ‘is inspired by free-thinking, fearless creatives.’ The campaign features, journalist and activist Amy Sall, trans visibility activist Kai Isaiah-Jamal, documentary producer and national geographic writer Alexandra Genova and artist Amrit. These are the faces of Fenty. The have fire and passion for inclusivity and represent those that may have been overlooked by society.

The campaign is captured by British photographer Thurstan Redding, he records the models in an intimate setting, as they revel their take on freedom and how they feel most liberated.

Yes to freedom, yes to inclusivity and a big fat YES to a brand that challenges the usual narrative of high fashion. Fenty Release 2-20 will be available online from February 6 here.

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