Daisy Jones: Bohemian Fashion On The Rise?

Or fleet(wood)ing trend?


'Daisy Jones and The Six' is THE novel and tv show of the moment. There are so many reasons why to love this tale. It was poetically written and scripted, which allows for a beautiful read, as well as a watch. The characters come to life among the pages, and the actors really put their hearts and souls into the tv adaptation. The whole story deals with the reoccurring theme of complicated relationships, whether that be an addiction, love, control or freedom. It is a tale hard not to fall for; if you don't, the eponymous main character will convince you otherwise. However, aside from the amazing story and cast, the aesthetics and fashion are what we are here to rave about today.  



What a perfect time for sunny Los Angeles to hit our screens as we are slowly crawling towards the Spring/ Summer months. And we are speaking gold dust LA here, 'Daisy Jones and The Six' transports us to the 1970s, where we get a rosy-tinted city painted to us. A place in time, historicized and glamourized, lays out the canvas for the unfolding events of the book. Instantly we are there, and we are in it. 



Rock n roll plays a huge influence on the fashion of the band as well as the bohemian and hippie subcultures which prevailed at the time. Jones is an extremely free-spirited woman and that needed to show in her clothing, which both the novel's description and the set's fashion designer, Denise Wingate, captured. Wingate utilized lots of vintage pieces to avoid the 70's tacky, costume-esq cliché looks of modern day. The effect of the vintage pieces is that there is a sense of authenticity to the fashion Daisy wears. Custom designs were also created, along with pieces sourced from modern boho store Free People.  



The floaty styles and use of bell and cape sleeves capture the bohemian style of the time, while also echoing the carefree and breeziness of Daisy's character. The heavy use of denim, flares and platforms are signs of the times and have their place in the fictional series. The crochet, sheer and crop tops are all nods towards the liberation of female sexuality, which had not long occurred. There are so many styles to pick up from the show and try out in your everyday life. With the warmer weather returning, bohemian and hippie-inspired pieces will make you feel like you are living in the Daisy Jones universe.


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