12 Hilarious Fake News That Are Too Real!

Only reality is crazier than our fantasy - but funnier? Never!


"Fake News" has been the trigger word ever since a certain person started accusing every media outlet going of targeting made up stories at him. Fizzy Mag is yet to be accused of bringing fake news, but not for long: we collected 12 of the most realistic and unrealistic headlines that possibly could pop up on your newsfeed. After all, keeping news factual is so 2009.

#1 Paris Steals The Crown: Paris Hilton Confirmed As Guest Star In New Season Of Game Of Thrones

In the midst of their celebrity showcasing, Game Of Thrones casting director, Vera Gold has revealed their latest casting-addition to be none other than THE Paris Hilton. On the subject, Gold insisted “although Hilton’s modelling portfolio may look a little different to what we generally look for at the show, we’re absolutely certain that her acting abilities will be nothing but an asset to the show". After the infamous appearence of Ed Sheeran earlier in season 7, who knows which celebrity we will see next?

#2 The Celebrity Trend To End All Celebrity Trends: Crooked Teeth!

In recent weeks, there’s been one trend dominating celebrity parties and events and its something that we might not have ever expected. Enter the celebrity trend taking over every Summer hot-spot: distorted dentition. That’s right, the look on every celeb-radar right now is crooked teeth. The more broken, wonky, pointed and generally messed up, the more we're getting that badass, take-no-shit vibe. Straight pearly whites are long gone.

#3 David Guetta Releases New Killer Track!

David Guetta has only gone and dropped the biggest summer single, changing the face of what music means forever. Musical talent has never before been so rich, absorbing and multi-dimensional. 

#4 Gigi Hadid Gets Nipples Removed After Being Accused Of "Not Being Genderlfuid"

After recent controversy over her interview with boyfriend Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid has taken action. The Vogue interview claimed that ‘Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Are Part of a New Generation Embracing Gender Fluidity’ and the twitter world was quick to erupt. To absolutely confirm her fluid gender and identity, Gigi responded by having her nipples surgically removed in an interesting effort to distance herself from the ‘femininity-defining feature’. 

#5 Blac Cyna Gets Implants Removed - This Is What She Looks Like Now!

In the wake of her turbulent relationship with Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna is having a total lifestyle refresh. This process includes changing up her iconic image; no more implants, no more fillers, just all natural-woman. In a dramatic effort to reclaim “the body she once knew”, Chyna made a visit to renowned Hollywood plastic surgeon, Dr. Instille and went through a gruelling 12 hour surgeon to reconstruct a natural look. Check out the exclusive images above. 

#6 Kendall Jenner Shows Off New Dog-filter-nose-tattoo On The Runway

After finally admitting she is ‘categorically addicted to that filter’ and ‘couldn’t live without it’, Kendall Jenner has gone the extra mile and confirmed her love in ink. Kendall visited one of LA's top tattoo studios, Lasting Ink, to get the 1x1 inch millennial emblem tattooed onto her face. Her iconic selfies can now be taken without Snapchat’s technical support.

#7 Jaden Smith Gets Shocking Transformational Worm-surgery In Order To Become 100% Genderless

In effort to ditch the aged concept of gender labels, Jaden Smith has taken on groundbreaking surgery in order to become a completely genderless organism. The never before been tackled, $100 million process by Miami Surgeons involves turning the patient into a worm. What’s more, the resulting surgery allows the patient to a-sexually reproduce for a resultant 100% preservation of those Smith family genes. Check out the exclusive post-surgery transformation above. 

#8 Donald Trump Makes A Good Point

Donald Trump has been rumoured to have made a valid point in congress this morning, completely shaking up the world of American politics. What’s even real anymore?

#9 Kimye Hire Gorilla As Substitute Nanny To Take Care Of Kids North and Saint

Breaking the internet once again, the celeb couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are back out with their new, experimental parental techniques. In an interview with CNN, the model and reality-tv star expressed her absolute enthusiasm for the approach she calls ‘Chimp Care’, “Yeah, I think its going to be great for Nori and Saint. It really is a great way of giving them the independence of a parent-free routine, whilst still making sure that they still get their lunch and keep tidy”. The new technique may just change the face of parenting forever. 

#10 Melania Drops New Single "Great Again"

Melania has dropped a new single, ready to shake the dance floors of the earth with heavy synths and immersive bassy melodies. The new track titled ‘Great Again’ has been released under her own label, DEEP WHiTE HAUS. In an interview with MTV, Melania claimed that this single is ‘a way of giving back to the fans the only way [she] knows how; with the sweet sweet sound of music’. 

#11 Justin's Big Dream: Bieber To Compete In This Year's X Games

Master of the skateboard, Justin Bieber will be making a special appearance in the upcoming X Games in January. Wowing the world with his hardcore skateboard skills, Bieber is gearing up to become the new face of the sport. Justin caught up the X Games team to talk about the January launch, “I’m super hyped, man. You know,  I might not even bail on this one".

#12 Kris Jenner and Tyga Are Now Dating

Just when you thought that the Kardashian family-tree couldn’t get any more confusing, the Momager has just taken things to a whole new level. It was revealed last week by a friend of the family that the mother-of-six has been spotted at an intimate location in West Hollywood with Tyga, rapper and ex-boyfriend of her daughter, Kylie Jenner. The couple were said to have been leaving a private bar in effort to keep a low profile. Not surprising when this could just be the celebrity-scandal of the century.