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Strip Up 'N' Down With Style! 6 Fabulous Puffer Jacket Looks

A winter layering masterclass.


Ask anyone what their biggest winter fashion struggle is and 99 percent will answer: outside is freezing but inside is sweating! You slip on the warmest puffer jacket you own to survive the freeze only to feel as if you've been unwittingly thrown into a sauna the second you enter the grocery store – minus the dripping naked bodies (thank God). Even worse, when you strip off to cool down, you suddenly remember how little attention you paid to the outfit beneath the snow armour. To solve this extremely first-world problem, we've put together six fabulous looks to help you weather the temperature change like a pro.

The "Sporty-elegant"

JACKET: H&M Padded Jacket with Hood $49.99, HOODIE: FILA Velur Zip Hoodie $125.00, BLOUSE: H&M Cotton Blouse $14.99 ($24.99)

The "Flower power"

VEST: Floral Print Padded Vest $115, JUMPER: Boutique Knit Jumper $95.00, BODYSUIT: H&M Bodysuit with gathers $24.99

The "If Caro Daur went to H&M"

JACKET: H&M Padded Jacket with hood $69.99, KNIT: & Other Stories Knit Sweater $85, BLOUSE: H&M Blouse with Smocking $29.99

The "Cutie"

JACKET: H&M Padded Jacket $129, SWEATER: H&M Fine-Knit Sweater $19.99, TOP: Unique Rib Vest $75.00

The "Bubblegum"


JACKET: & Other Stories Hooded Puffer Jacket $245.00SWEATER: FILA Crew Neck Sweater $135.00, BLOUSE: & Other Stories Striped Sweater $39.00

The "Bieber's merch is cool but I hate 'Despacito'"


JACKET: H&M Padded Jacket Army Print $49.99, SWEATSHIRT: H&M Justin Bieber Merch Hoodie $29.99, TOP: TALL Lettuce Sleeve Metallic Top $35.00, BODYSUIT: & Other Stories Lacy Body $55.00


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