Everything You Need To Know About False Lashes

Keep your lashes looking fierce!


Are you tired of having a boring makeup routine? If so, you can use false eyelashes to help spice it up! False lashes are used to make the appearance of your lashes to be longer and fuller. With a wide variety of options to choose from, you can easily find worthy false lashes that can fulfil your beauty needs. False lashes can be quite intimidating, but don't worry, we've got all the info you need!

1. Magnetic Lashes

If you’re tired of traditional lashes, avoid the fuss with magnetic lashes! Although they may seem confusing at first, they're actually quite simple in terms of use.

There are 2 strips for the lash, in which you apply above and below your lash line, basically sandwiching your lashes. The main pro of this is there's no hassle with glue or adhesive!

2. Strip Lashes

Strip eyelashes are the most common type of lash. With different lengths and styles, these lashes are applied to the natural lash with glue or adhesive.

They can be quite difficult to use if you're a beginner, but you'll get used to handling them in no time! Just be careful by ensuring no glue goes into your eyes as this can make them quite irritated!

Due to the endless style options, from simple to dramatic, these are the best lashes for you to choose the eye look you want.

3. Individual Flare Lashes

Some individuals need a bit of lengthy false lashes for extensions with huge volume. You can check the available long individual lashes for purchase.

If you’ve been achieving the fullness of your lashes, there is no other choice than individual flare lashes for a more natural look and feel.

4. Individual Single Lashes

Single lashes are similar to strip lashes, except you have to stick them on to your natural lashes individually. They are great if you want more of a natural look, especially if you already have long lashes and want to target a specific area.

For example, you can add the individual lashes to the ends of your natural lash to enhance that area of your eyes. 

Another reason you should opt for false lashes, they're not expensive!

One prominent benefit of choosing false lashes is that they are not expensive. Compared to lash lifts and getting lash extensions done, this is a much cheaper way to get the lashes you want. Not only do you save money, but they also don't require a lot of maintenance. 

With various sizes, lengths and styles to choose from, you can switch them up each day depending on your mood for the day/night. To sum up, false lashes are the perfect item to have in your makeup bag! They're quick and easy to use, and can glam up any look! 

When buying lashes, you can go into any makeup store, or alternatively shop online! Noble Lashes have a wide selection of lashes suited for your needs! 

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