Emily In Paris Season 2 - What To Expect

She'll be less annoying, apparently.


Emily in Paris was met with, erm, mixed reviews when it came out last October. In spite of being a smash hit for Netflix, and earning a coveted (if controversial) Golden Globe nob, not everyone was a fan. 

The show follows a young American woman - our heroine Emily - starting a new job at a luxury marketing agency in Paris. Emily’s not exactly an expert in french culture, and barely speaks a word of the language, so struggles somewhat to fit in at first. Not to mention, the show has come under fire for it’s less than flattering portrait of the city’s locals, who aren’t always charming and accommodating towards our lead. Accused of relying on outdated stereotypes of french people and culture, the show wasn’t exactly well received by some critics. 

Nevertheless, for better or worse, season 2 is coming - and creator Darren Star (of Sex And The City fame) says Emily won’t be nearly as obnoxious, and the portrayal of Paris will be more realistic. 

Lily Collins’ character, he says, ‘will embrace the city a little bit more’ in season 2, and it won’t be ‘quite as easy for her in the second season.’ 

It also appears that Emily will make a real effort to fit in this time, as Star revealed that ‘she will be more assimilated, in terms of living in Paris and stepping up to the challenges of learning the language.’ 

Whether you’re counting the days on your calendar - or rolling your eyes at the return of the series - Emily isn’t going anywhere just yet. We don’t have a release date on Season Two, but it does seem that production has begun. 


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