6 Easy Steps To Kick Off Your Transition Into A More Sustainable Future

Saving Mother Earth, one metal straw at a time.


We all know that Mother Earth has seen better days and we’re all aware that we’re one of the main reasons for the steady decline of her well-being. And while most of us probably have considered reducing our carbon footprint one way or another, the transition isn’t always the easiest. To kick off your journey, we’ve compiled a list of six easy steps that will help you to move into a more sustainable future.

Water filters and reusable bottles

Come on, guys! If you’re being completely honest and consider all the presented alternatives, no one really needs to use plastic bottles anymore. Get yourself a water filter (à la Brita) and some glass or stainless steel water bottles (psst.. the Evian X Virgil Abloh X Soma water bottle or Vivienne Westwood reusable stainless steel bottle are two cute options), and you’re sorted.

Produce and carry bags

Many supermarkets and shops have already cut down on single-use plastic bags, making our life a lot easier in that aspect. If your local supermarket hasn’t made the transition yet, make sure to bring your own produce bags (here and here are some good examples) and cute carry bags on your next Sainsbury’s trip.

Reusable coffee mug

If you’re a big coffee drinker, you could consider getting a reusable coffee mug. Besides the obvious environmental benefits, many coffee shops are happy to knock off a couple of $ when you bring your own mug. 

Metal straw

How often do you get a drink with your mates and find yourself reaching for single-use plastic straws? Yes, same girl! Admittedly, carrying a metal straw around might seem a bit weird at first but trust us, you’ll get used to it and the environment will thank you.

Reusable cotton pads

Thanks to their bamboo base and polyester stitches (…yes, we know … still looking for a perfect option), these cotton pads can be thrown in your washing machine and reused on a daily basis.

Bamboo Toothbrushes

While we still haven’t found a perfect way to recycle most toothbrush bristles, 90% of a bamboo toothbrush is still recyclable. And we think everyone can agree that’s always better than a full plastic option that can’t be recycled at all.


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