Doja Cat Decided To Shave Her Head And Hasn't Looked Back Since

How Doja's hair journey led her to shave off her eyebrows on IG Live.


Doja Cat has always taken an authentic approach to social media, frequently posting goofy and up-close selfies. That authenticity reached a new height, however, when she shaved her eyebrows on Instagram Live–after debuting her newly-shaved head. 

On August 5, the “Say So” rapper and singer explained that she “never liked having hair.” She elaborated that during workouts, her wigs would slide and peel off amid strenuous reps, distracting her from exercising. Now, the Grammy award winner said on IG Live that she’s surprised it took her so long to actually make the big cut. 


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In the aftermath of her shaved-head debut, Doja Cat received shocked and worried comments from some Instagram users. But she feels that this concern is an extreme overreaction. While Doja understands that the explicit themes of her songs may lead fans to assume she would follow conventional beauty norms, the rapper has found peace and confidence in her new look. 

“Some people don’t see this as very sexual, but to me it is,” she stated. “I feel sexy for sure.” 

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