‘Deinfluencing’ Is Now A Thing On TikTok

Beauty brands, beware.


TikTok's latest trend, “de-influencing,” is taking down the beauty industry, one video at a time. Creators are taking to TikTok with recommendations of what not to purchase. 

The hashtag #deinfluencing, which boasts over 30 million views, is home to a slew of videos counterbalancing the hype surrounding some of the app's most-hyped products, from a certain lip oil to a pricey bond-building shampoo.

"As a general rule of thumb, I don't think you need anyone from someone who looks like me on TikTok telling you that something you hadn't heard of 30 seconds ago is an absolute necessity," a de-influencer by the username @basicofcourse proclaimed. "I love [Kim Kardashian], but you don't need the SKIMS stuff — a T-shirt isn't going to change your life. You don't need that ice skin roller; you don't need the big headbands that girls are putting on to do their makeup; you don't need a bunch of random laundry products."

@basicofcourse Disclaimer! no judgment if you have or want these things! I think we can all just be more intentional in our consumption choices and making sure we genuinelyyy want something rather than being convinced by TikTok that we do! I have no problem with promoting things u truly love, and I do it myself (basic is legit the name) but 2023 is about all abt lowering the consumption game! #sustainableliving #sustainability #deinfluencing #consciousconsumerism #intentionalconsumption #amazonstorefront ♬ Right Back Where We Started From - Maxine Nightingale

The new trend indicates a shift in values among TikTok's young consumers. Indeed, TikTok's trend cycle moves at light speed. Keeping up with the latest must-have products is a nearly impossible task. Consumer fatigue, combined with the cost-of-living crisis, might be pushing creators to hit back at the pressure to constantly spend.

While de-influencing isn't likely to topple the phenomenon of viral products altogether, the trend is giving us the much-needed opportunity to step back, put down our credit cards, and consider whether that lipstick is an impulse or a necessity.

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