Decode Your Skincare Routine:  How To Apply Your Products

Become a skincare pro with these 10 simple steps .


The skincare world can often feel like a mystery to the naked eye. With a plethora of products for different skin concerns, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when browsing the skincare aisles. Don’t be disheartened, you don’t need to be a certified dermatologist to perfect your skincare routine! We are here to answer your skincare queries and rundown the stages of the most effective skin regimen. Follow this day to night routine to level up your skincare. 

1. Cleanser   

Start off your routine right by deeply cleansing your skin. You need to make sure you remove any make-up and excess oils before applying products to reap the best results.  

2. Exfoliator 

Exfoliators are your friends, but only in moderation. Exfoliate up to four times a week to slough away impurities and reveal a healthy glow.  

3. Toner  

Tone to own the skincare game. Prime your skin and refine pores with a gentle toner that deeply nourishes and enhances skin vitality. 

4. Serums  
Once you have prepped and cleansed your skin, it is time to apply your serum of choice. Your skin is now ready to absorb its nutrient dense powers, without any impurities getting in the way.  

5. Eye Cream  

Now show your eyes some love by lightly dabbing an eye cream. These formulas are usually quite light so it’s important to apply them before the heavier treatments.   

6. Spot Treatments 

Apply any spot treatments before your moisturiser to allow it to penetrate the skin deeply, and get to the root of those pesky breakouts. These treatments are most effective at night as this is when the body naturally repairs itself. 

7. Moisturizer 

Now for the Crème de la Crème of your skincare routine. Moisturize daily to keep your complexion happy and hydrated. 

8. Retinol (Night Time Routine)  
Retinol is a skincare saviour! It works to accelerate cell regeneration and boost collagen production. Leave your retinol serum on overnight to allow it to fully work its magic.  

It is important to gradually build up your tolerance to retinol overtime as it is a powerful vitamin a derivative.  

9. Face Oil  

Now seal the deal with a facial oil. Apply an oil to hold in the creams and increase their efficiency.  

10. Sunscreen (Morning Routine) 

Make sure you apply a factor 30+ sunscreen at the end of your morning routine to keep your skin protected. Up to 90% of premature skin ageing is caused by the sun, so slather on that sunscreen to combat the UV rays. 


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