8 Deadly-To-Classy Logo Tees You Cannot Go Without

Legit dying.


Kabowww! Hit us with those prints. Again.

That’s how we felt after searching for, and finding, these killer logo tops for you. Killer is also the pricing but hey, you know you want them. And if you’re not sure, scroll on down and be convinced otherwise. Trust us. 

MM6 Maison Margiela ‘Patchwork Graffiti Tee’

Starting off is this lineup is this graffiti top that will have all your lowkey rebel dreams come true. And should you want everyone to know you’re wearing a MM6 Masion Margiela, the designers have so kindly printed the name on front, sleeve and for good measure, once very bold on the back. 

Also going from $390 to about $234 seems like a deal you shouldn’t miss. 
Shop it here. 

MISBHV ‘Black ‘Xtasea’ T-Shirt’

A little more basic but still dope AF, this tee from MISBHV is calling you to join the Xtasea yacht club. Literally. 
With a lowkey front, the back is big. bright. and has number to call to join your favourite boating association. 

Shop it here now for $104 (reduced from $145). 

Alyx ‘Reversible Red Cowboy’ T-Shirt

Ye-ah, Cowboy! Keep your mystery man from the wild, wild, West close to your chest with this Alyx cowboy print t-shirt. 

And should you have a falling out with your man, you can always wear this tee inside-out and make your own way in the world, in a bold red shirt - like the independent woman you are. 

Gone from $295 to $233, shop it here now. 

Etro ‘Lady with Shades’ Pink Tee 

The bolder, the better. Not only is this a dream in bubblegum pink, nay - the classy lady with the shades and lush flower crown has it all. Nearly too divine to wear (think we could also hang this t-shirt on the wall), the Etro graphic print tee is a definite eye-catcher. 
Bonus: throw on a pair of your own classy shades and you too, can be just as a shady lady as the one you’re wearing. 

Shop it here for €260. 

COACH ‘Snow White Graphic’ T-shirt

We know we should maybe be slowly leaving our Disney phase but with a twist like this, how can we resist? Coach’s collab with Disney has made the dark tale of Snow White, actually, sinister. And somewhat resembling a good old band tee. Now you can’t say no to that…

Shop it here for $104.

CALVIN KLEIN ‘White Cotton Embroidered’ tee

We get it, big prints might not really be your thing. So this minimalist t-shirt by Calvin Klein might just be for you. The all white tee simply has a short explanatory logo (now have CK’s history with you at all times) on the front. Done.

Shop it here for $285. 


OBEY ‘Misfits Legacy’ Tee

Now for one that we’ve all been waiting for. A close to actual band tee. OBEY has been coming out with ‘Misfits’ t-shirts for a while now, but this one has to be perfect for that down-low but still want to stand out streak. Teamed with a demin or dark chord skirt, this will make your jeans and tee combo go from basic, to bad-ass. 

Shop it here now for $35.

Vetements ‘Open Sides’ T-shirt

Served to you as more of a t-shirt dress with amazing slits at the side, this overlarge tee from Vetements is cool but elegant. With straightforward prints on front and back, you’ll still be making a statement while rocking an edgy chicness. 

Shop it here for $649.22. 


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