Half A Century Of David LaChapelle's 'Make Believe' Icons

The exhibition featuring 50 years of the worlds favorite pop-culture icons.


Editorial artist David LaChapelle announced he will do his first solo museum show and it is set to be one of his most comprehensive exhibits to date. The infamous artists exhibition titled ‘Make Believe’ includes an array of surrealistic images of the world's most notorious pop-culture icons dating from 1984 to 2022. Britney Spears, Lizzo, Kanye West, Madonna, Eminem, and David Bowie are a handful of those to be featured within LaChapelle's extensive 150+ collection. Spanning across 6 floors of NYC world-class Fotografiska museum this is definitely an immersive experience not be taken lightly.

Known for his enormous impact on the visual culture of music, LaChapelle’s distinct style focuses on 5 key themes: environment, religion, gender identity, body image and beauty standards, and an intricate exploration into the construction of celebrity. Not one to shy away from eyebrow-raising artworks these themes are executed through colorful, hyperreal, highgloss conceptual imagery. From Tupac Shakur taking a bubble bath to supermodel Naomi Campbell in the buff pouring milk over herself - his artwork is undeniably mesmerizing. 

An especially meaningful addition to the showcase is the final-portrait of Andy Warhol, taken in 1986. The two are said to have connected over their personal toll of AIDS on their close friendships. The artist often refers his work to the result of the AIDs epidemic, whereby the turmoil of the time led to his discovery of religious faith. Incorporating saints, angels or martyrs into his final results in the hope of his work becoming an uplifting antidote of the time. Some of the religious-orientated portraits to be featured at the show include “Kim Kardashian: Abiding Lamentation." and "For Men Will Be Lovers of Self”. 


For those interested in visiting you have until Jan 9 2023 to do so. You can find out more information on the show here at: Davidlachapelle.com


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