Non-Binary Artists You Need To See

Diversify your art inspiration list.


Society still has a long way when it comes to equality within the art industry, especially when it comes to trans and non-binary artists. Fortunately, there is some progress being made by giving everyone. regardless of gender, an opportunity to create art and to become an artist. This can be through grants for struggling artists, or through creating pages to support trans and non-binary artists more. Even something as simple as Procreate brushes being available for free can be an avenue for trans and non-binary artists to reach their dreams.

8 Non-Binary Artists To Check Out

Though more LGBT+ artists are getting recognized currently, there is still a lack of non-binary representation when it comes to the art industry. So few non-binary illustrators are well-known or are recognized for their work. Here are just some non-binary artists to follow and support their work! 

Sasha Velour

Sasha Velour may be most known as the winner of Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race and for her iconic rose petal reveal, but the Drag Race winner is also an illustrator and a show producer, producing NightGowns which got premiered on the streaming service Roku, and Smoke & Mirrors, which sold out in several cities worldwide. Velour also created an art book entitled Velour: The Drag Magazine, which featured several drag performers and queer artists. In recent years, she has created a production company called the House of Velour.

Alex Norris

Norris is a Welsh cartoonist, most known for Webcomic Name, a popular webcomic on social media. Norris’ works are often their commentary of the world presented humorously, with a simple style that is easily recognizable. The cartoonist's trademark is the third or final panel of a comic, where the punchline is simply a character going “oh no”. Norris then created a book entitled “oh no” in 2019, published by Andrews McNeel Publishing.

Theo Grimes

Theo Grimes, or ggggrimes as they’re more known online, is a black non-binary illustrator based in Philadelphia. Their work proudly displays queer sexuality and trans bodies in a positive, dynamic light, often drawing trans bodies of color to highlight their community. Grimes has worked with various clients, including an editorial illustration for a Huffpost article and a Valentine’s Day e-card for OkCupid. Their work has also been featured in publications like The Sexy Zine and Vice.

Luca Bonacci

A Philadelphia-based illustrator, Bonacci’s work comprises of motion graphics and illustration, often depicting the spirit of theatrics and themes of identity. Their work is very fluid, as they utilize live drawing and gestural, dynamic poses. Bonacci’s work has been featured twice on Playbill - in 2021 for their senior thesis that explored the relationship between the theater and illustration, and in 2022 for their tribute to the late Stephen Sondheim and his contribution to the musical theater world.

Robin Easter

An alumnus of the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, Robin is an illustrator and a cartoonist. Easter is known for their webcomic Humdrum, a diary detailing their life as a creative. Easter has then collaborated with IDW Publishing to write and draw an official My Little Pony comic. Beyond Humdrum and My Little Pony, Easter has created a graphic novel entitled Upstaged, about a non-binary stagehand named Ashton, and their life during their last summer in theater camp.

Sophie McTear

Based in Tucson, Arizona, McTear is an illustrator and a graphic designer. They have worked with a diverse range of clients, both big and small, including Twiter, the Washington City Paper, Scholastic, and singer Chloe Morindo. Their work has also been featured in several publications, with McTear appearing in Voyage Phoenix and Threadless. McTeari s often inspired by the desert and taken from their experience as a person from the LGBT+ community. Their work has been showcased in several galleries in Tucson.

Cara Lea

A storyboard artist and character illustrator based in Melbourne, Lea has a penchant for the YA and fantasy genres, with those themes found often in their works. Aside from being a freelance artist, Lea has also delved into selling their work at various conventions and has tabled at OZ Comic Con in Melbourne and Melbnova. They have also created several graphics for the Australian Red Cross as their Social Media volunteer.

E.L. Sailer

Sailer is a Florida-based comic artist and illustrator whose works primarily focus on LGBT+ themes. Their work has a surreal, colorful air to it, with a diverse style ranging from character design to environmental art. They have worked with several clients, and have even worked on a card game and a visual novel. Beyond working as a freelance artist, Salier also publishes comics. They have released several on Gumroad, including an autobiographic comic entitled Split, which deals with Sailer talking about their mental health.