5 Reasons Why You Should Only Date People With Sisters

As confirmed by mental health experts.


Raised With Sisters Energy is the new Big Dick Energy. This unselfish and unproblematic vibe can refer to anyone, no matter what’s their gender. Here’s why dating people who were close to their female siblings will make your life so much better.

#1. They are communicative and self-reflective

As explained by psychotherapist Imani Movva, women are more observant, sensitive and thoughtful. This is why childhood spent with sisters enhances communication and empathy. In practice, this means no more shady texts and non-apology apologies.

#2. They won’t make it all about themselves

Since women are more empathetic and sympathetic, growing up around them makes you less selfish, adds Movva. And proally, less self-centered/self-obsessed too. 

#3. They mastered the art of compromise

Relationship expert Stephania Cruz says that people who have sisters are more likely to be patient or at least, wait their turn. Sounds promising, especially in bed. 

#4. They won’t freak out at the mere mention of the word “period”

And they will probably be more sympathetic and understanding of all the discomforts that come with it.

#5. Harry Styles was Raised With Sisters Energy

And so was Michael B. Jordan, Jaden Smith, Timothée Chalamet, Dakota Fanning, Beyoncé and Lizzo. Told ya, a new version of Big Dick Energy. Ok, there are counterexamples (cough, Leonardo DiCaprio, cough), but dating someone who at least received Sisters Energy from their moms, aunts, cousins or friends, defo helps.  Perhaps Tinder needs to add a “Has a sister” function to every profile.

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