Could A Tattoo Be The New Therapy For Depression And Anxiety?

Dedication to the ink could be the new therapy session.


Choosing a tattoo design can be a tough call and a scary commitment. However, for some people, a tattoo is a therapeutic answer to moving forward. We all deal with things differently, however, it has been noticed that there is a link between mental health issues such as depression and anxiety and the prominence of tattoos.

A study featured in the American Journal of Human Biology, revealed that getting a tattoo has been found to reduce cortisol levels, which helps to improve the immune system and reduce stress. The study also showed a link between a healthier immune system, the quicker the tattoo is to heal.

As tattoos become more acceptable within our society, the taboos against the ink are beginning to fade away. Tattoo trends are on the rise, and mental health seems to be a reoccurring theme for designs across the globe. Visual platforms such as Pinterest have seen images trending which relate to ‘Depression tattoos’. These designs often focus more on the emotions relating to a personal issue and are extremely popular. The semicolon tattoo became a well-known design for sufferers, after Project Semicolon launched to create awareness for mental health issues such as depression and suicide. The semicolon represents when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to, which symbolizes someone who is suffering who makes the choice to keep going. Other popular designs include the chemical map of neurotransmitters which create positive feelings (such as serotonin).


Tattoos don’t just have to be related to these feelings, however. Tattoos can often be about making a statement about who you are, you show your personality through the designs and you take pride in them. It’s exciting to show your bravery and commitment by putting something permanent on your skin. Many people often get inked with a name or date in commemoration someone they have lost (known as grief tattoos), they often have personal touches or hidden meanings. They can even be used to build self-esteem by covering scars or physical marks that make you lack confidence. 

If you don’t quite feel ready to dedicate yourself to the ink, here are four ways on How To Shift Your Energy Into Becoming Mentally Stronger.