How To Shift Your Energy Into Becoming Mentally Stronger

Practicing different techniques can help you change your mindset and help you to cope with obstacles life throws your way.


Having mental strength can often mean different things for different people. Possessing the ability to regulate your emotions, manage your thoughts wisely, have the courage to do something beyond your comfort zone or even just pursuing more positive behavior can be tough for us all – the struggle really is real. The courage to live by your personal values and create your own meaning of success can often be something scary, as you worry about what others will be thinking. Being able to strengthen that mental muscle is like medicine that we could all take a dose of. Think of it as your gym workouts, the more you do it, the easier it gets. We’re here to help you learn how.

#1. Note your core values

Our core beliefs and values can often be defined by the experiences we have shared in the past, often those which stand out to us, or have affected us the most. Your core values often influence the way you do something and how you think. However, often we can turn our core values into negative thoughts. Having little faith in yourself can really knock you off course and lower your confidence. One of the best ways to do this would be to identify and evaluate those beliefs. Which are healthy, which are not? From there, you can try and change them into something that sounds more productive. Simply changing how you phrase something can often stimulate you into a more positive mindset.

#2. Stop using valuable energy on the most draining things

Worrying about uncontrollable situations will mean you have less energy to expend on your productive ventures. Use your mental energy to set yourself goals and solve problems, make a conscious effort to shift your energy on to useful subjects, and stop stressing over that boy who hasn’t text you back yet (you can do better).

#3. Rethinking your negative thoughts

Creating a productive mantra is a really useful tool to use when you catch yourself thinking negatively. Repeating phrases such as ‘you can only do your best’ or asking yourself how it’ll feel when that mountainous obstacle you have to face is over, can be much more motivating. If there’s something you feel like you can’t do, take a ‘challenge accepted’ mentality to it. Taking a perspective on difficult situations that become your challenge can be a really stimulating tool to try even harder at overcoming it. Nothing worth having in life comes easy, so go prove your brain wrong!

#4. Practice tolerating difficulty

Some things in life you can’t avoid, so if the going gets tough, embrace it. Make the best choice in your response. Trying to extract something you could learn from the situation, can help you look at something in a more constructive light. Accept the feeling but don’t be controlled by it. If you act like the confident person that you want to become, it’ll become much easier with time. You know what they say… Fake it til’ you make it.


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