Converse Redefines Chuck Taylor With Martine Ali Collaboration

Launching globally on December 1.


Converse has teamed up with designers Martine Ali, Isabel Marant, and Feng Chen Wang to elevate the Chuck Taylor silhouette into a canvas for creativity. Leading the charge is Martine Ali, debuting her Chuck 70 De Luxe Wedge on December 1, 2023.

Martine's design, inspired by waders, features a radically sculpted midsole, a full leather upper, and a unique option for two distinct stylings—with or without a gaiter. The nearly four-inch-elevated wedge pays homage to the classic Chuck Taylor while embracing contemporary boldness.

Synonymous with New York styling, the silhouette in all-black with stud closures and minimal co-branding reflects Martine's signature metallic finishes. The gaiter, adjustable and breathable, provides versatility, attaching to studs for a transformative look.

Martine Ali shares, "I designed a shoe that becomes what you want it to be. Casual to dressy, low key, or loud. High or low. It feels like the ultimate shoe for self-expression."

The Chuck 70 De Luxe Wedge is set to debut globally on December 1, 2023, on and select retailers, European release is slated for early 2024.

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