Confidence Is Key To Dating, But How Do You Get it?

These 4 tips can help you address that bit by bit.


Whether you’re a guy or a gal, you will consistently hear that confidence is one of the most attractive traits in another person, that it can help you be much more open and honest in relationships, and that it’s the key to dating successfully. But a lot of people don’t feel super confident and they’re not certain how to feel confident. The following tips can help you address that bit by bit.


Get rejected

If you’re stuck in the rut of not asking anyone out, ever because you’re worried about having them say “no,” then you should try hearing no for a change. Getting rejected is a part of natural dating life for everyone and, yes, it can sting. Some people may even be nasty about it, but that’s a good sign you wouldn’t want to date them either. By getting used to rejection, you will very quickly understand that the fear of rejection is much stronger than the pain of actually getting rejected, which can help you get more confident to try again next time.


Practice makes perfect

So, you get a date with the guy or woman you have been thinking about for days or even weeks. But you get it so built up in your head that by the time you sit with them, you’re all tongue-tied. Perhaps you’ve never really had much experience talking to romantic interests. A little practice can help you get comfortable. With a list of chatlines, you can get some genuine experience in talking in a pseudo-relationship, helping you build your comfort level. When it comes to the real thing, you have no problems getting your words twisted anymore.


Mind your posture

You’ve probably heard of power poses and confident body language. They’re not just a way to signal that you’re confident to the other person, good body language and posture can genuinely help you feel more powerful and confident in your own right, too. There are some great body language apps that can help you practice and get used to correcting how you sit and stand so that, over time, it becomes natural. As such, it’s a great tool to help you “fake it til you make it.”


Address your own issues

A lack of confidence can come from many places, including a lack of experience, which can be worked on. Jealousy is another big driving factor of low confidence. You might be worried that you can’t hold your partner’s attention for too long before they start looking elsewhere. If intrusive negative thoughts get in the way of your love life, you have to learn how to deal with jealousy, or whatever other issues might be plaguing your mind. They won’t just go away if you ignore them hard enough.

You don’t have to be born confident to show confidence. There are little and large things you can do every day to get a lot more comfortable talking with others and taking risks. Hopefully, the above pointers help.