6 Common Skincare Mistakes You're (Probably) Making Every Day

Find out how to get the skin of your dreams.


While multi-step skincare regimens are getting a lot of attention right now, chances are your existing routine leaves some room for improvement. Are you making some common skincare mistakes that are sabotaging your complexion? And what can you do to get your routine back on the right track? Whether you’re a skincare guru or a complete novice, here are some tips that can help. Read up on the top skincare mistakes most of us may making without realizing, and find out how to get the skin of your dreams with six simple fixes.

1. Not Wearing Enough Sunscreen

Okay, so chances are you’ve heard plenty about the virtues of wearing sunscreen when you’re hitting the beach or the pool as a way to ward off burns and prevent skin cancer. While slathering on the SPF is a great start when you’re going to be getting some serious rays, you can’t ignore the effects of cumulative sun damage from daily exposure.

Even if you work a job that keeps you indoors most days, think about all of the moments of sun exposure you get over the course of a single week, even from being near an office window or while in your car — and yes, on cloudy days as well! All of those rays add up when it comes to sun damage, and you want to make sure you’re covered, particularly when it comes to your face, chest, and hands. Make it easy to protect yourself on the go and to reapply over the course of the day. We love travel size sunscreens that easily fit in your purse or sunscreen sticks that make the application a breeze.

2. Skipping Out on Eye Cream

Eye cream might seem like a skincare intervention meant for older women, but you’re never too young to start wearing a good eye cream—especially at night. Seek out formulas that moisturize and offer anti-aging benefits. The more proactive you are now, the better off you’ll be in five, ten, or twenty years and beyond when it comes to those pesky fine lines and crow's feet. Eye creams are more potent than your daily moisturizer, so don’t try to get away with a one-size-fits-all approach to your evening skincare. We know—some eye creams can get a little pricey, but a little goes a long way and you’ll definitely thank us later on.

3. Using Products that Promote Inflammation

If you’ve never upgraded your skincare routine from the basic products with punchy packaging from your local drug store, then chances are high that you’re using formulas that don’t exactly have your skin’s best interest in mind—no matter what the kitschy marketing campaign has to say. Seek out eco-friendly products that offer vitamin-rich, antioxidant-intensive formulas—and that don’t contain parabens, sulfates, or artificial fragrances that can exacerbate oiliness, acne, and redness. By avoiding common chemicals and looking for products that are upfront about their ingredients and testing policies, you’re saving your complexion a lot of potential (and unnecessary) aggravation that can be traced back to additives and shady chemicals that are sadly common in many popular products.

4. Exfoliating Incorrectly

Still busting out that same super harsh scrub you used in high school? Exfoliation has become much more sophisticated since then! Gone are the days when buffing away at your skin with a harsh, rough scrub was the best way to remove dead skin cells and clear out your pores.  So what’s the alternative? New, scientifically-backed formulas allow you to exfoliate without all the elbow grease and scratchy gels that tend to make your skin irritated. If your skin isn’t especially sensitive, you might also consider the occasional microdermabrasion treatment, which will do wonders in terms of refining pores, smoothing out scars, and even keeping oil under control.

5. Putting Price Over Quality

While it’s tempting to skip out on investing too much in your skincare routine, the reality is that when you take the time and money to invest in personalized skincare products, you’re investing in better ingredients, research-backed science, and higher quality. Take a look at the products you use on a daily basis: are they full of unpronounceable ingredients? Do they indicate any active ingredients that describe specific results? If not, it’s time to re-evaluate and seek out skincare with potent ingredients. If taking the plunge into premium personalized skincare still makes you nervous, check with your retailer to see if they have samples available, or take the time to get a consultation to help single out the right products for you.

6. Not Treating Skincare as a Part of Your Overall Health

More and more scientists and psychologists alike are realizing that there is a seriously important link between skin health, general health, and mental well-being. Stress, poor nutrition, and bad sleep habits all have a way of showing up in your skin—which is your largest organ, and a great indicator of overall health. Better skin is also linked to better mental health, so know that taking care of your skin isn’t frivolous or vain—it’s all a big part of making sure you’re well both inside and out.

What are some of your everyday skincare tips? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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