10 Step Korean Skincare Routine To Kick-Off Spring

Perfect skin to impress in spring.


Glowy, hydrated, poreless and fresh are the words that should describe your skin during the Spring. Since the long winter finally finds its end and the month of awakening has arrived, we are ready to adapt a new skin-care routine and spring clean our beauty drawer. Sunrays coming through gray clouds, flowers blossoming and the fresh scent of green grass (double meaning intended) is in the air. Leave your dull skin in the last season and have a fresh, glowy, new beginning. 

Korean routines and beauty products have been around for quite some time now. We can't imagine a girls night without cute animal sheet masks. So we summed up the best 10 step-skin-care-routine inspired by Korean standards to achieve your soon to be perfect glass-skin. 


1. Step: OIL-BASED CLEANSING — Kahina - Oil-Cleanser

Rinse thoroughly with a cleanser suited for your skin type to wash off the dirt and excess sebum. Using an oil-based cleanser is especially essential when wearing make-up since the oil makes the removal way smoother.

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2. Step:  DOUBLE CLEANSING — Estee-Lauder - Advanced-Night-Micro-Cleansing-Balm

This step can be skipped and adjusted to your liking. We recommend double cleansing to make sure that there is no residue left on the skin.

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3. Step: EXFOLIATION — Skin-Medica - AHA-BHA-Exfoliator

Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells and lets further products penetrate your skin better. This exfoliator is gentle and suited for all skin types. The formula is mild and gets rid of dead skin cells and other impurities easily. 

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4. Step: TONER — PCA-Skin - Nutrient-Toner

Toning balances your pH-levels and makes sure that your skin stays hydrated. This toner is suited for all skin types and is very soothing and gentle. To save product you can use your clean hands for the application instead of a cotton pad.

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5. Step: Essence — S-K II - Treatment-Essence

Essences is a very important step in the Korean skincare routine. It helps your skin to regenerate faster and keeps it hydrated at the same time. The S-K II Treatment-Essence is loved by many. It refines lines and nourishes the different layers of the skin.

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6. Step: TREATMENTS — Pevonia - Botanica-Spot-Treatment

This step can be adjusted and skipped if not needed. Treatments help you deal with spots and impurities better by specifically targeting the problem area. This Treatment is perfect to eradicate acne spots and impurities.

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7. Step: SHEET MASKS — Klairs - Midnight-Blue-Calming-Sheet

Sheet Masks help nourish the skin further and should be used at least 2 times a week. This face mask brightens up your skin while combating breakouts.

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8. Step EYE CREAM — 100% Pure - Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

Eye creams prevent Eyebags and a dull look. The Caffeine base here is the key to make you look even more awake.

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9. MOISTURIZER — Skin-Ceuticals - Skin-Moisturizer

Moisturizers seal in moisture and smooth away fine lines. A lightweight pore-filling moisturizer for all skin types

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10. Step SUNSCREEN — Elta MD - UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46

Sunscreen should only be used during the day. Protecting yourself from UV rays should be as important as drinking water. Sun damages your skin and advances your skin to age. A lightweight, oil-free sunscreen also protects acne-prone skin.

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