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4 Common Myths And Misconceptions About CBD Oil

What it is and what it isn’t.


Many people still hold prejudices against anything related to the marijuana plant and are cheating themselves of the possible benefits medical marijuana and marijuana-derived products may offer. CBD oil is one of these products, and one that is increasingly being praised for its many virtues. CBD is a very different product from pure marijuana, and doesn’t have the same characteristics that could deter a lot of people from using the plant for medicinal purposes. Here are some of the most common myths and misconceptions about CBD oil so you can have a better idea of what it is and what it isn’t.

CBD will Give You a Marijuana-Like High

Because CBD oil doesn’t contain any THC, which is responsible for the plant’s main psychoactive properties, the sensation you feel with CBD will be very different. You won’t feel an intoxicating and impairing high with CBD. CBD, however, can be great to relieve anxiety, elevate your mood, make you more alert, and has antipsychotic properties. So you will get all the mental benefits of the plant without most of its drawbacks.

CBD is Sedating

This is another common misconception about CBD. While CBD can help relax your muscles and relieve tension, it is not sedating in any way. On the contrary, CBD is actually alerting. And it also counteracts some of the effects of THC by reducing THC associated “hangovers” and drowsiness. One of the reasons why this myth is perpetrated is that many products that are high in CBD will also contain terpenes like myrcene that are known for their sedating properties.

It’s Illegal to Sell and Buy CBD Oil

Again, that is not true. While CBD is closely regulated, CBD oil derived from industrial hemp and containing a concentration of THC below 0.3% is considered legal. That’s why it’s important that you pick a supplier that uses industrial hemp and that you can access lab results to see what the THC concentration is if you intend to buy or sell CBD oil and products.

One supplier you could try is CopeCBD. CopeCBD wholesale CBD oil is derived from industrial hemp cultivated in their 800-acre Colorado farm. They also make sure that their products are compliant by removing the THC or reducing it to non-detectable levels during the extraction process.

Just a Small Dose is Enough

While you might be able to get some of the benefits of CBD in small doses, it really depends on you and the type of results you’re trying to achieve. In studies on schizophrenic patients, for instance, they were administered doses as high as 800mg daily. Most people won’t be able to afford doses like that. Mg for mg, CBD is much less potent than THC. However, you can get some of the benefits like alertness and anxiety relief in as a little as a 20mg dose.


Now that we’ve dispelled some of the myths on CBD oil, it would be wise to inform yourself on some of its benefits to see if it could actually help you. But whatever you do, always make sure that you buy your products from trustworthy sources for your own safety and to make sure that you actually get results.


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