The Best 9 Period Products Under $40

Lasting more than three to seven days.


What comes every month without a warning and fucks up your bank account? No, not your rent. We’re talking period. Even though we should be prepared for the worst part of our cycle, it usually hits like a bi***. Whether you struggle with endometriosis (like about 11% of all women in the US do) or your light flow can’t steal your glow, period products can be pricey, wasteful and not very effective. So we conjured the spirits of past periods and listed 9 products you need for everyone coming. And other than your bleeding, they last for more than 3-7 days.

Huggable Sloth Heating Pad

First things first — cramps and soreness. Depending on the intensity of your period you might just feel slight discomfort or like 10 samurai swords constantly rip your abdomen open. One of the best treatments is heat. A discreet and cute way to sneak your heating pillow from your bed to the outside is to disguise it well. How about a cute, cuddly sloth. 

Shop it here for $29.

Unbound Bean Vibrator

Speaking of pain relief — did you know that orgasms can soothe or even cure your cramps? Even if you don’t climax, sex and masturbation have shown to help with period pain. And if your fingers are already sore from writing those angry PMS texts to your ex, get a little friend to help you. The smooth silky form of the Unbound Bean is ideal to not be clocked by anyone and to lay on your belly or lower back when the pain hits.

Shop here for $36.

Intimina Lily Cup One

If you’re not part of the free-flow-gang, you gotta make sure you catch your period before it stains all your underwear. Period cups have been around for quite some time but only blew up about five years ago. Making the average lifespan of a period cup five years that means, the pioneers of 2014 need to refresh their little helper soon. Quite a few new cups have been released since then. The Intimina Lily Cup, for example, is foldable, so there is no excuse not to have it on you all the time and its’ hook makes the removing part super easy. Remember to always use clean hands when inserting and removing a cup and sanitizing it after (and before) every cycle.

Shop here for $25.

Monki Oversized Hoodie

Periods are no walk in the park. Even if that’s exactly what you should do. A chill walk might help lift your mood and improve digestion and blood flow. But when you feel most uncomfortable and might have a bloated belly an oversized hoodie can come in handy. And the best one has a flashy color that makes it look like you put an extra effort in your outfit.

Shop here for $40.

Rose Quartz Crystal Stone

Maybe not as essential as let’s say menstrual cups and heating pats. But as we know PMS can do some ugly things to our psyche and our temper. We might feel misunderstood and not loveable. As the stone of unconditional love though, the rose quartz gives you comfort and is said to open your heart and heal its energy. Who needs a partner bringing roses and chocolates when you can have a crystal giving you unconditional love… right?

Shop here for $12.

Blume Cloud 9 PMS Oil

Listen, we’re not naive. We know crystals might not cure your PMS and possible side effects. Even though it’s technically PRE-Menstrual-Syndrome, some — if not all of us — struggle during our menstruation with its’ symptoms like bloating, cramps and mood swings. With soothing oils like jojoba, clary sage, peppermint, and vitamin E oil you can massage your struggles away.

Shop here for $18.

And for all the fellow hormonal acne strugglers out there, here are some products you can add to your skin care routine in order to keep them pimples in control.

Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack

When a face mask is called a ‘juice cleanse for the face’, you can imagine what it’s gonna do for your skin. Drawing out excess oils and impurities it can be the key to a grease-free complexion and the perfect addition for your period bath or shower. The white kaolin clay, vitamin-rich greens, and antioxidant-loaded superfruits leave your skin nourished, matte and velvety soft.

Shop here for $22.

Blume Meltdown Blemish Treatment

For the more aggressive imperfections, there might only be one solution — a direct spot treatment. Blume’s blemish treatment consists of a blend of botanical and essential oils making your skin’s recovery a bath in natures finest. Other than most spot treatments it soothes your skin and prevents scarring rather than drying it out aggressively. 

Shop here for $26.

Truly Organic Acne Patch Set

To top your pampering routine up and seal your blemishes you can use an acne patch. The stickers protect your skin from bacteria and accidental scratching while healing it with ingredients such as hydrocolloid, tea tree oil, and glycolic acid. They are perfect to pop on before going to bed. Who needs stars in the sky when you have them on your face.

Shop here for $6.


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