“Comfort” and “Style”: 5 Ways To Tie These Opposing Terms Together

embrace that sense of comfort without sacrificing style.


For many of us, the terms comfort and style do not go together. As we get older, we can find ourselves gravitating toward certain styles that make us feel sexier and comfier like leopard print, but what are the things we all need to remember so we can embrace that sense of comfort without sacrificing style?

Give Yourself the Support 

You have got to think about your shape and the styles of clothes that you will feel comfortable in. That notion of comfort is not just about the physical, but it's the best place to begin. If you are wearing ill-fitting bras, there is a wide variety of fantastic fitted bras available here for you to try out, but it's important to choose the styles that make you feel the best. Choose the right types of clothes that suit your shape, and you are getting in the right direction.

More Breathable Material

Breathable material is less restrictive and will make for a more flattering comfortable wearing experience. Knitwear is a fantastic way for you to embrace yourself more, especially if your waistline is fluctuating. You can also opt for matte fabrics, which will soften your overall appearance. Because when you opt for cheaper synthetic fibers, they can be so uncomfortable, so opting for materials like wooly jumpers will also last longer.

Define Your Wardrobe Staples

One of the most important things we all need to have in place is the statement pieces that we know will help us feel comfortable and stylish. Whether it's denim jackets that go with dresses and boots or an LBD that you know works for work events, when you are opting for comforts those wardrobe staples that you can home to like leisurewear can be a great way to straddle the balance. You don't need to just feel comfortable at home, but you can use leisurewear that really works when you are out walking the dog. Those staples can make a big difference when it comes to how you feel about yourself.

Feeling Amazing in Yourself First

The problem we all have is looking at a piece of clothing thinking that it would be ideal for others but doesn't suit us. When a piece looks great on someone else, you'll have to ask yourself how you feel about a certain item of clothing. Is it building your confidence? Does it fit you well? When you have these things in place, as simple as it sounds, you have to remember that you've got to feel amazing in each item of clothing that you wear.

Using the Right Tricks

There are a number of fantastic tricks that you can use to maintain a great sense of style, but still keep you comfortable. Adding layers is one way that can make a big difference or adding long sweaters over dresses can certainly make you feel like you're not on display. You can also focus on accentuating your waistline as you get older by adding belts to flatter your silhouette.

Whatever choices you make, make them comfortable and stylish but above all else, suitable for you.