CHUALA Is A Perfect Artist To ‘wake up!’ To

And fall asleep to as well.


She wrote her first song at the age of eight and was discovered by Atlantic Records NYC when she was 14. Born to a German mother and a Cameroonian father, CHUALA is a truly international artist whose newest single ‘wake up!’ is definitely worth checking.

CHUALA sounds like a cool and rebellious daughter of Jorja Smith and FKA Twigs, hiding a highly emotional message behind her lazy, deep and sensual voice. ‘wake up!’ blends not only different genres but also, different emotions as it’s energetic yet full of sadness and pain. It feels like a perfect song to wake up to and, but instead of leaving the worries behind, it inspires to face up to them and challenge them.

‘A lot of us have totally submitted to a workaholic lifestyle and we wanna out-busy; each other. I felt very cynical when writing this song and chose the repetition in the lyrics to showcase the repetitive routines many people follow until they die,’ explains CHUALA.

The release of ‘wake up!’ is accompanied by a video that, like the song, joins an effortless aesthetics with a meaningful message. (Warning: the video contains flashing images).

Listen to ‘wake up!’ to get a taste of CHUALA’s EP ‘me and chu’, out July 30th 2021.

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