Christian Fundamentalists Want Addison Rae To Repent For Her Recent Choice In Swimsuit

Forgive her Holy Father for she has…according to some people…really sinned…apparently.


Tik-Toker Addison Rae is in the limelight again, this time for her controversial two-piece that has the Christian fundamentalists of the internet “shouting the power of Christ compels you!” Rae (cough, cough, Lucifer) posted a picture of her wearing the “holy trinity bikini.” 

What is “the holy trinity bikini?” you might ask. The company Praying created a bikini that says “father” and “son” across the bikini top and “holy spirit” across the bottoms. Rae (cough, cough, satan) has since deleted the picture, but the Christian right hasn’t forgotten this cardinal sin, and are ready to nail her to the cross.  

Conservative Christians with Twitter bios that say things like, –and we’re not kidding about this– “Blue Lives Matter. I love and follow Jesus and he is coming soon for his bride,” have taken to Twitter to express their opinions on the swimsuit. Hint: they have negative reviews. @xaviaerad wrote, “All I’m going to say is – these people are going to learn the hard way not to play with GOD. Just wait and watch.” Meanwhile, @tallgirlgen, whose Twitter bio is “God Made. Jesus saved. Texas raised.” commented “Best believe sis knew we would come for her…. You don’t play with God, period!” Another Christian, @spartangirl1986, took to Twitter to say, ‘That poor girl, I hope she repents’.

They are likely to be disappointed, as Rae shows no sign of repenting. The praying bikini has been around for a while, with pop stars and NYC women flaunting it every chance they get, but now that the all-American, girl-next-door (eye roll to that pigeonholing) Addison Rae, (cough, cough, Beelzebub) is rocking the look, they’re upset. Whether it is Vivienne Westwood’s swastika t-shirts or Vivienne Tam’s Mao Zedong dress, high end fashion companies are no stranger to bold and controversial prints and commentary. The Christian right has proved time and time again that they can’t handle a woman rocking a swimsuit and being sexy.

Sympathy for the devil, anyone?

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