Chris Hemsworth Hunkier Than Ever In Thor: Love And Thunder

2014’s Sexiest Man Alive is even sexier in upcoming Thor sequel- Chris Pratt weighs in.


Women (and men) have fantasized about the God of Thunder’s rippling muscles and chiseled jaw since the first installation of the Thor series; well folks, Chris Hemsworth is throwing us another bone. The upcoming sequel, Thor: Love and Thunder, will showcase the actor in his “strongest version” yet. 

This news comes as a delight to many (rather thirsty) fans, as Hemsworth’s character was uncharacteristically portrayed as “Fat Thor” in Avengers: Endgame (2019). In an interview with Yahoo Movies, co-star Chris Pratt revealed that he was “in awe of [Hemsworth’s] presence. He is a man-god in real life.” Unbelievably, Hemsworth is even more shredded than before, as Pratt divulges that “People are going to be really astounded when they see what he’s brought… to Thor 4. He ratcheted it up to even another level.” 

The upcoming Thor sequel, set to release in 2022, will also feature Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, Thor’s powerful female counterpart.

Hemsworth has been teasing clips of his intense workout regimens in preparation for his role on Instagram, declaring his mantra “Eat, train, sleep, repeat!”. 

Step down, ladies, hot girl summer is over- this is Thor’s season now.

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