The Rise of Celebrity Status Being Favored Over Talent

Because working hard for a career is so old-fashioned.

Three words. Enough is enough. The fashion industry has always been one to push boundaries and limitations, but there comes a point where it's too much. And no, I'm not talking about clothes or accessories; I'm talking about the mess that the sector is in by rewarding uneducated celebrities with the jobs we ordinary citizens have to work the majority of our lifetimes even to be considered for.
Indeed, I can't be the only one to find it absurd that we live in a society that gifts singers with the opportunity to become creative directors instead of the normal person who has dedicated years to advance in the industry. Where is the hard work and determination awarded? It's like an accountant being given a surgeon's role. Can you imagine the outrage due to it being so ridiculous? Where is that reaction when it comes to a creative career? If you haven't already guessed, I'm referring to Pharrell Williams being appointed creative designer of Louis Vuitton menswear. There's no hate towards him at all. It's just an injustice.
This being said, Pharrell is one of the most qualified celebs compared to the others, being granted powerful fashion positions after overseeing his streetwear line, Billionaire Boys Club, for nearly two decades. However, there is a massive leap from streetwear to luxury, especially when LV initially considered names like Grace Wales Bonner and Martine Rose for the creative director role.
The people want to see new and innovative designs. Not to sound pessimistic, but unfortunately, you won't ever get that if fashion houses continue platforming celebrities instead of young designers.
Where is the connection between the celebrity's background and the role offered to them on a plate in other cases? Exactly, there is none. This unfairness has been going on for years now; we've witnessed various collaborations, such as Emily Ratajkowski teaming up with the beauty brand Loops, Cardi B joining forces with Playboy, Kendall Jenner's partnership with the fashion e-tailer FWRD, and Kate Moss aligning with Diet Coke. Many individuals spanning from A to Z-list celebrities, including names like Kourtney Kardashian and Molly-Mae Hague, have collaborated with fast fashion assembly lines like PrettyLittleThing, Boohoo, and SHEIN.
So, what exactly comes from the celebs carrying out their creative duties? Some sponsored Instagram posts and a few adverts because they take their role seriously, duh.
The brands are hiring for the names and status of these people, nothing else. A team of experts will still make all the critical decisions behind the scenes, yet they will go unnoticed and nameless, with the celebrity taking the credit. That's the world of fashion, and while we are on the topic, may I add you can tell a lot about a creative director with their closing of a show, in terms of if they walk out alone or if their teams accompany them. Because let's be real we know they are the people doing all the work.
The current arrangement of selecting well-known stars for creative jobs will not end well. It is going to deter so many talented people from pursuing a career in fashion from it being a waste of time and let's be honest, we need natural raw talent, not someone who will jump ship to another company when their time has run out in the role, and they've realized they are in too deep. So my advice to all these VIPS out there is to stay in your own lane even when the dollar signs in your eyes are calling you. Unless you are experienced and educated in the sector, could you give it a pass? After all, you'll have many other chances in situations where the circumstances are right.