Thirsty? Parade Has Got You Covered With Their Brand-New Coca-Cola Collaboration

Trust us, this one’ll quench your thirst.


Coca-Cola have had some epic collaborations from Morphe to Casetify. Every time, they bring the sleek yet exciting feel of the brand to whatever they do. The most recent collaboration with the lingerie brand Parade is no different. Parade is a huge hit amongst Gen-Z audiences for their fun yet practical lingerie and loungewear. Coca-Cola has a reputation of being popular with many different people, from real-life Regina Georges to Kate Moss superstars. So given that this collection features different variations of the fizzy drink in many different styles, there’s something for everyone in this top-class team-up.



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The signature red of Coca-Cola ties together all the visuals surrounding the campaign. The collaboration features briefs, bralettes, scarves, slip dresses, thongs, and hoodies designed with the same stylish confidence boasted by Coca-Cola. For example, a beige thong that reads “I heart Diet Coke” in red. This is an example of the adventurous and fun-loving personality of Coca-Cola combined with the confidence and style of Parade in all their Gen-Z glory.

A standout piece of the collection is the Coca-Cola playsuit. This could be worn in the comfort of one’s home, curled up on the sofa, or dressed up to create a dazzling nightlife look. It looks like this shows personality in more ways than just the piece; they show a cultural awareness of the brand’s history and popularity. In a similar way, the black and red Coke Zero slip dress is a standout. As with many Coca-Cola collaborations, it’s flirty and tongue-in-cheek while still stylish. Therefore, Coca-Cola collaborations will always be hit, especially when they’re as good as this one.

Did you think that was it? Parade also catered to a specific demographic: Cherry Coke lovers. (I include myself in this group, thanks to Lana Del Rey for that.) We were catered to in the form of a two-piece beige bra and high-rise brief set. Both pieces adorn the retro Cherry Coke logo with the slogan “Very Cherry” across the bralette. It’s stylish and cheeky and shows cultural awareness in its unique way. A real thirst quencher, just like the collection to which it belongs.

The Parade x Coca-Cola collection prices range from $15 USD and are available now on the Parade website.

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