Celebrating the Life of Roberto Cavalli

The renowned success of the Italian fashion designer.


In the aftermath of Italian designer Roberto Cavalli’s devastating passing, it is abundantly clear just how impactful the work of the ‘King of Bling’ was and continues to be. Inspiring and influencing future generations of designers, Cavalli’s work is praised for its eccentric prints, maximalist styles, and undeniable innovation. Through him, we learned that sometimes, more really is more.


Living to 83 years, Cavalli made indisputable contributions to the fashion industry, a fact evident in his awards spanning from the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award and the World Fashion Award.

Founding his apparel house during the 1970s and dressing the likes of Sophia Loren and Brigitte Bardot, his work speaks to the vibrant optimism of the age it was born in. Through animal prints, exotic patterns, and bright colors, Cavalli served the philosophy of standing out rather than blending in, and his label experienced its well deserved take-off in the 1990s. 

Within the fashion industry and outside of it, Cavalli played the role of an inventor and an innovator. This is clear not only in his distinct, stylistic trademarks, but also in his reimagined printing techniques. A pioneer of denim printing and sand-blasting, Cavalli influenced a plethora of his contemporaries to go further with their jeans. 

A jack of all trades, Cavalli expanded his talents into the worlds of interior design, fragrance, beachwear and lingerie, glasses, music, and even vodka. His aptitude knew no limits.


Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Cavalli, however, was the passion he felt for enhancing not only how women look in their clothing, but how they feel in them. Cavalli stressed the importance of prioritizing femininity and what would make women feel natural, confident, and powerful—a phenomenon recognized today as the “Cavalli Effect” that shows the emotion embedded within Cavalli’s work. 

Roberto Cavalli celebrated excess. He enjoyed flamboyance, maximalism, and adding a unique flair to everything he created. In Cavalli’s world, boring wasn’t an option, and his contributions will undoubtedly continue to influence future generations.