Can't spare the time for a mani? We've Got You Covered

We breakdown our favorite Kiss ImPress Press-on Nails.


When you don't have time to visit your manicurist but want your nails to look good, Kiss ImPress Press-on nails is the ideal choice. They are easy to apply and great for people who don't have time for a manicure. These nails are gel and they don't require glue, making them faster and easier to apply. 

There are so many options to choose from, so here's a breakdown of our favorite designs! 

ImPress Press-on manicure, 'Keep In Touch'

It is a light pinky-nude shade and is squared and looks like your own nails, but better. The perfect everyday nail.

You Can Buy It Here For $8.99

ImPress Press-on manicure, 'Climb Up'

They feature a chrome shade with a matte finish and a colored stone, which makes it easy to customize them to suit your style.

You Can Buy It Here For $8.99

ImPress Press-on manicure x OPI Collection, 'Alpine Snow'

Featuring a classic and classy look, these white nails are squared and chip-resistant.

You Can Buy It Here For $9.99

ImPress Press-on manicure, 'Suzi Talks w/ Her Hands'

There is nothing subtle about this dark grey nail color. It's simple but very noticeable on nails. The perfect shade for unmissable nails.

You Can Buy It Here $9.99

ImPress Press-on manicure, 'Russet'

These are wonderfully creative and are part of the fall limited edition collection they are almond and coffin-shaped.  

You Can Buy It Here $8.99

Visit the ImPress website for more styles Here


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