Bridgerton Season Two Leads to Spike in Regency Inspired Fashion

The searches for "regency dresses" have increased by 84 percent.


 The long-awaited sequel to Netflix’s hit show Bridgerton began streaming last Friday and the show has been just as popular as it was predicted to be following the success of the first season. One fan-favorite element of the show is that of the elaborate and intricate costuming.

The show features several balls and events that involve beautiful gowns and dresses and this has had a prominent impact on people’s shopping habits. Love the Sales found that since the show’s release on Friday searches for “floral-print dresses” have increased by 146 percent and “regency dresses” by 84 percent, highlighting the influence of the show and its costuming. While ‘regency’ inspired clothing has been a trend amongst various Spring 2022 collections, including Alexander McQueen, the connection that this trend has to the show is indisputable. 

It is even easier to track this trend back to the Shona Rhimes show through social media, particularly the trend sweeping TikTok at the moment in which users share what they would wear if they were in the show. Various individuals online are referring to this trend as ‘Regencycore’ and are sharing their styling tips for corsets, puff sleeves and empire waist dresses. While ‘Regencycore’ is a micro-trend, it is a prominent one with the the TikTok hashtag accumulating over 21 million views. 


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