Breaking Down Divorces, In case Your Marriage Breaks Down

All the Celebs are getting them, should you?


We all know the statistic of divorce in the US and if you don’t, it’s 50%. Yes, you heard that right. The taboo around getting a divorce has slowly disappeared over the last 40 years. This means more people can leave an unhappy relationship. During the coronavirus pandemic, divorces rose by 34%. Which makes you wonder how many people haven’t been happy, and as soon as they have to stay inside together for months, they can’t hack it anymore.

There seem to be two types of divorce. Complicated and less complicated

Divorces can be difficult when children or assets are involved. It’s important to remain calm throughout the process to try and keep things as simple as possible. Oops, easier said than done. In recent news, Kim K has an exit plan for her upcoming divorce with Kanye. This is a good idea, have a plan for the outcome you want, but don’t expect to win every fight. Your significant other might get bitter, spiteful or nasty towards you in order for you to back down from your demands. Be ready for that.


On the other hand, some divorces are quick and easy. If you haven’t been married for very long, have no children or assets together and both want the divorce, you’re all good to go. Elliot Page and Emma Portner have both said they will remain close friends after their divorce is finalized, yet their decision for separating hasn’t come easy. Sometimes you might not be in love anymore, or there’s been a change in values and priorities. It’s okay to not want to be married to your partner anymore.

As time goes by fewer people are wanting to get married. There is no gain to getting married anymore, it is simply for love. But why should your love change after signing a piece of paper?


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