These 7 Bomber Jackets Have Got Your Back For The New Season

Is that you, Spring?


Is that you, Spring? Just last week, we could have sworn we saw you, snow-cloaked, with your tongue down Winter's throat. And now here you are, dropping warm tears of heartbreak into the air, before you don your sunshine smile and stick blossoms in your hair. When you announce in a birdsong chorus to the whole of the Northern Hemisphere, “I'm over it!” We'd better get our outfits ready.

Let's start with the outerwear; bomber jackets to be precise. Because in our opinion, there's no better – or cooler – option for the transitional weather. Not only are they steeped in sartorial heritage with unmistakable aviator androgyny, but the not-too-hot-not-too-cold classic will basically go with anything you throw it at (the thot).

So, without further ado, we've picked out a lucky seven selection of bomber jackets that'll have your back through the new season.


KOCHÉ Colour Block Bomber Jacket

You know those utterly wild shell suit jackets from the '90s? Well, one of them grew up – and got rich. Stripping off the gaudy color scheme and nylon parachute feel in favor of a muted palette and a premium sateen finish, it's sports luxe down to a T.

Shop it here for $774.


Heron Preston Orange Heron Short Bomber Jacket

Oh Heron Preston, how we love you – and not just because you've got a totally G river-dwelling bird as your namesake. This Spring/Summer 2018 bomber jacket has the most gorgeously sumptuous pumpkin aesthetic we could ever dream of. And, oh wait, what's that on the back? It's only that long-legged, tiny-eyed feathery gangsta we just talked about. Or is it us chowing down on our mid-morning snack? We can't quite make it out.

Shop it here for $1,050.


adidas Originals Long Bomber Jacket

We're not gonna lie, we totally picked this one out because it has serious trench coat vibes, and when we think of trench coats, we think of exhibitionists, and, well, ultimately we're perverts. But to be honest, we've been searching forever for a streetwear coat that we can dramatically unzip to reveal a body-full of expensive lingerie. Just us? Yeah, we thought so.

Shop it here for $156 $110.


Vetements Reversible Burgundy Alpha Industries Edition Oversized Hooded Bomber Jacket

A well-aged bomber jacket brand and a label with an oversize fetish walk into a bar. There was no time for joking because they already birthed a beautiful love child before ordering starter. This puffed-up Vetements x Alpha Industries number has the DNA of both brands, plus it's super-versatile with a reversible design and detachable hood.

Shop it here for $2,260.


Givenchy Bomber Jacket

Did Givenchy just get a patent for pigment, because we're not sure we've seen a deeper blue – on a bomber jacket, at least. It may look simple and shrunken-down from the front, but boy, is it a statement-maker from the back with a bright white “GIVENCHY SPRING-18” print.

Shop it here for $2,490.


PUMA Cropped Bomber Jacket

It may be from PUMA, but this sporty cropped bomber will have you looking more like a sultry panther with its silky black finish. The light-gray stripes from shoulder to wrist and the O-ring pull are a nice touch.

Shop it here for $76.


Acne Studios Pink Clea Bomber Jacket

If Acne Studios was a color, it would probably be this exact salmon pink – you know it's probably bad taste but it's got your fashion taste buds tingling nonetheless. The label's deliciously off-kilter style is summed up in this bomber jacket, the perfect subtle statement piece for spring.

Shop it here for $650.


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Images via Instagram @kimberlyskinny & @ellebaness