New No Make-Up, Make-Up Brand Launches In The UK

From the woman who brought you Bobby Brown.


Bobbie Browns new makeup brand finally launches in the UK!

The new brand named Jones Road, created by Bobbie Brown herself, is finally on home soil.

Named after a street in East Hampton, the beauty brand which encourages natural beauty has launched in the UK after 10 months since its release in the US.

Comprising of high-graded formulas, the makeup mogul has created a comprehensive collection of beauty and skincare products alongside tools.

With the aim of creating a no makeup, makeup brand, talking to Vogue Bobbie Brown said, "My vision of make-up has changed, and I want to teach and inspire women how you don’t have to look like you’re wearing make-up."

Consisting of nine core makeup products the collection features: Miracle Balm (used on cheeks,lips and eyelids), Face Pencil (25 shades, corrects redness, blemishes, dark spots etc), Brow Pencil, Eye Pencil, Cool Gloss, Eyeshadow (9 neutral shades), Eyeshadow Pots (6 shades, shimmer/glitter finish), a liquid eyeshadow (5 shimmery shades) and an Inky Black Mascara. 

In addition, the brand has five skincare products such as a moisture cream, a miracle cream, an eye cream, a Hippie Stick (used of all over your body) and a multi-purpose Oil Stick treating spots and more.

And if that wasn't enough for you, Jones Road also has your staple make-up bag brushes as well as merch.

The whole collection is now available exclusively on the Jones Road website, with prices ranging from £8-£34 (approx $10 USD - $46 USD).


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