All The Different Ways Of Consuming Cannabis

Each having a different effect on different people.


There is a lot of innovation in the cannabis industry and there are many ways that one can consume the popular herb, each having a different effect on different people. Usually, there are 4 main ways to consume cannabis: oral, inhalation, topical and sublingual. Each of these methods involves a variety of different forms and there are many that different users can choose from that suits them best. It is beneficial to know the characteristics of every method so that you can get the most out of your cannabis use. When considering your choice of cannabis products, particularly if you have children or pets at home, always prioritize child-resistant cannabis packaging to keep your loved ones safe and secure. By being informed about both the consumption methods and responsible packaging, you can make the most of your cannabis experience while ensuring a safe environment for everyone. Remember, it all depends on the experience that you wish to have so here are the different ways that you can consume cannabis.

The fastest method- inhalation

The first method we are going to discuss is inhalation which is consumed via smoking or vaping. Usually, the user will smoke a blunt like they would a cigarette. It is also common for users to smoke using a bong which is a glass or plastic device that is used to smoke cannabis. Today there are many brands, such as Molino Glass, that offer high-quality bongs for those who want to make the most out of their marijuana experience. With a dry herb vaporizer, on the other hand, there is no combustion involved and the user can control the heating temperature which makes for a better experience. The downside of smoking is that it has negative health effects on your lungs and causes many health risks. Dry herb vaporizers on the other hand are a lot healthier and do not produce as much smoke and there is no smell produced either making it outdoor or indoor use.


Another way to consume marijuana is orally through the form of edibles, pills, and tinctures. With edibles, you can expect to have marijuana-infused food and beverages such as ice cream, cookies, and even beer. Pills are marijuana in capsule form while a tincture is a liquid extract where you put a few drops under your tongue and wait for the effects to be felt. With edibles, you can expect the high to take a while before it kicks in but when it does hit, it is much stronger than other methods of consumption and on top of that, the high lasts longer. With pills, you will feel the effects almost instantly and this method of consumption also provides a much stronger high. Consuming marijuana orally produces few health risks, compared to consuming it through inhalation, and this method of consumption is discreet.


When you consume cannabis sublingually, the herb enters the bloodstream when it is held in your mouth or placed under the tongue. Inside of the mouth, you will find large blood vessels that absorb cannabinoids which is how this method works. Examples of sublingual products include medicated lozenges, dissolvable strips, or sublingual sprays. The time it takes for this method to be absorbed into the body is similar to other oral methods but can take shorter and the benefit is that this is a healthy and discreet method of consumption that is also portable so you can consume anywhere and at any time.


Topical consumption is consuming marijuana in the form of lotions and creams. These topicals are infused with marijuana and when applied onto the skin, they give you the effects that you desire. This method of consumption is very popular among athletes because the topicals relieve muscle and joint pains. This method of consumption benefits the user in many ways. It is an anti-inflammatory, it provides pain relief, it is an antiseptic, anti-aging, and has been linked to being anti-cancer. There are no reported risks associated with this method of consumption and it is one of the safest methods to consume marijuana.

There are many ways to consume marijuana and no matter which method you prefer, there is something for you. Inhalation is the most common method of consumption but it is the unhealthiest with combustion being linked to many medical conditions such as lung infection. For a safer method of consumption, try consuming marijuana orally by means of edibles or pills. Or maybe sublingually through dissolvable strips. If you don’t want to consume using your mouth, you can try using topicals and applying marijuana-infused lotions or balms to your skin to get the effects.