BoA Drops New Single 'Emptiness': A Breakup Banger with Afrobeats Twist

Queen of K-pop.


BoA, the trailblazing K-pop icon, is back with a bang, releasing her latest single 'Emptiness' under SM Entertainment. The track, accompanied by a mesmerizing music video, takes listeners on a journey of self-healing from betrayal and heartbreak, all set to an infectious Afrobeats-inspired beat.

Written and arranged by BoA herself, 'Emptiness' showcases her ethereal vocals alongside magnetic production and empowering lyrics. Fans will be delighted to witness BoA's signature dance performance prowess in the music video, with emotive choreography that perfectly complements the song's emotional depth.

Following her acclaimed 2022 EP "Forgive Me," which earned rave reviews from NME for its thrilling energy and gritty atmosphere, BoA continues to push boundaries and redefine her artistry. Since her debut at just 13 years old, BoA has solidified her status as one of Asia's most beloved pop icons, breaking barriers and inspiring generations of artists with her multifaceted talents.

BoA's influence extends beyond music, as she takes on mentoring roles both on screen and off. From her role as a coach on The Voice of Korea to her endeavors as an Artistic Director and producer for various projects under SM Entertainment, BoA remains at the forefront of shaping the K-pop landscape.

In 'Emptiness,' BoA proves once again why she is hailed as the "Queen of K-pop," delivering a captivating blend of emotive storytelling, dynamic choreography, and irresistible beats that will leave listeners craving for more. With her latest release, BoA reaffirms her position as a pioneer in the ever-evolving world of pop music.