Meet The New Face Of Swarovski

Bella Hadid is the new brand ambassador of Swarovski and has just made her debut with a colourful campaign.


Could you think of anyone more suited to be the face of the prestigious luxury brand that is Swarovski other than Miss Hadid herself?

The model is set to make appearances in Swarovski’s future campaigns and projects. Bella Hadid recently announced this iconic partnership on her Instagram stating how ‘honoured’ and ‘excited’ she was to be the new face of the jewellers. 


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It comes as no surprise that Swarovski would go to such an iconic individual to align with their iconic brand and there is definitely no one more fitting than Bella Hadid.  

Bella has been featured wearing a range of colourful pieces from Swarovski’s collection. And when we say a range, it really is… it can only be imagined how expensive all of that is. The brand-new colourful collection Hadid is being used to highlight appears to show Swarovski heading into a more bright and transformative style, something which they have not previously been known for. 

Bella having such a transformative look with her going from sport to glamourous both in real life and within modelling really highlights how fitting she is for Swarovski, especially with them now taking a much more flexible approach to their brand. Hadid is someone who can definitely be used to celebrate and advertise modern glamour, whilst not only being likely to bring in new customers but also maintain the old. 


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So, keep your eyes peeled, I’m sure none of us wants to miss what this amazing collaboration can bring to us in the future. 

Take a closer look at the collection here.

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