Kamala Harris Inspired BEKA To Write A Powerful Anthem

'You Got' manifests sisterhood and strength.


We loved Beka at first sight (and sound!) when she shared her radiant energy with us in our honest and inspiring interview two months ago. But her newest release, ‘You Got It,’ made us love her even more. The song, inspired by Kamala Harris and her historic achievement, is a powerful expression of hope, particularly important for women of color. 

Beka proves to be a true artist and a careful, absorbent observer of the reality around her, gracefully turning emotions into songs. ‘I felt so moved that suddenly a generation of women would count themselves into a possibility they hadn’t realised they were counting themselves out of. It felt permission-giving, liberating and hope-filling to see this happen especially on the backdrop of such a difficult year like 2020, ‘ she shares, with her disarming, as ever, honesty.


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Kamala Harris made history but so is Beka, speaking with a voice that hasn’t been recognized for years. ‘“You Got” is that private reminder that your story is power and everyone has that special fire, even if they don't know it yet.’

Check ‘You Got’ via streaming services and scream the power anthem at the top of your lungs with Beka. As a treat to her fans, Beka also released a video with a live performance of her newest single. Singing in Hackney Church, attired in a blue organza maxi dress, she looks (and sounds!) like an actual angel. And when she organically sings, 'I'm gonna love you the way nobody else will,' we totally believe her.

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