Beauty Meets The Racing Tracks: Charlotte Tilbury X F1 Academy

Entering the sports world at full throttle!


In a historical marketing move that sees the merge of between and the fast-paced world of motorsports, Charlotte Tilbury announces its first-ever global sports sponsorship. She has become the first female-founded brand and the first beauty brand to sponsor F1 Academy. Not only has this groundbreaking partnership allowed beauty to enter the sphere of sports but it has also paved the way for empowering women in a male-dominated sport. 

Charlotte Tilbury’s brand is known for the glitz and glamour to create the perfect look but is now set to add an extra bit of flair to the F1 world. Known as the ‘Charlotte Tilbury operated by Rodin Motorsport’ car, its livery, helmet, and racing suit will feature Charlotte Tilbury brand’s signature with its iconic crimson and rose gold colouring, sparkling with the iconic Charlotte Tilbury hot lips icon and Charlotte’s empowering mantra ‘Makeup Your Destiny!’.



With F1 being such a male-dominated arena, the women drivers often take a back seat. Therefore, Charlotte Tilbury will use its global platform to aid the incredible female drivers of F1 Academy, helping them build their careers and show their support to talented individuals such as French native Lola Lovinfosse. So, that a wider audience will learn about the opportunities that sport can hold for women. Currently, 40% of F1 fans are female, contributing to a total 2022 season viewership of over 1.5bn, these brands aim to target niche audiences and change the cemented gender division embedded within sports. 

As we begin to celebrate this monumental milestone reached by both Charlotte Tilbury and F1 Academy, for taking the lead on an issue that has consumed women in sport for decades. Therefore, inspiring women to go full throttle and achieve their goals. The future for women in sports looks a lot brighter but also a lot more glam!