Let’s Sway With bb sway

'Baby Wants Out of The City’ is out.


Anyone wanna join and whistle a fun, uplifting, laid-back, chirpy track? If the answer is yes, then make sure to play bb sway’s newest release, ‘Baby Wants Out of The City.’ A friendly warning: it’s super catchy!

bb sway, recently signed with record label 7476, is a London-based and Hong Kong-born artist, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Highly perceptive of the reality around her, she depicts her home country as a concrete jungle and expresses an urge to run away.

‘High-rise buildings are surrounded by big mountains covered with luscious tropical vegetation, and gnarly roots seep into every concrete crack in the city,’ bb sway describes Hong Kong. And she doesn’t hide that there’s a little vein of nostalgia in her generally cheerful song. ‘Having grown up on an island, I was also always surrounded by the sea, and it wasn’t until after I moved away that I realised how closely I felt connected to it.’

But first of all, bb sway wants to make music that helps with emotional healing and feels relatable to her listens. Any is there anything more relatable now than a desire to run away into the unknown?

Travelling might be restricted but bb sway’s lazy vocal and whistling might take you on a road trip, with the sun setting on one side and horizon spreading on the other. Does it get any better than that?

‘Baby Wants Out of The City’ is out on streaming services

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