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Barbie Calls For A Close To The Dream Gap

Barbie’s doing its bit for girl power. 


Founded in 1959, Barbie has taken on many roles throughout the years: the beauty queen, an astronaut and even the president. 

Seen as a figure of female empowerment, Barbie’s newest agenda is to close the ‘Dream Gap’ - something that stops young girls achieving their potential from the age of 5. 

In the global campaign, The Dream Gap Project, the owners of Barbie, Mattel, have teamed up with university researchers to teach young girls that they can achieve anything they want to by releasing a series of videos such as ‘Barbie Vlogger’. 

Breaking the gender stereotypes, DGP campaign video features a diverse range of young girls highlighting key findings from academic research. The campaign promises to provide adults with resources on how to support the girls in their lives, as well as promising to put at least 10 empowering female role models in the spotlight per year.

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