Baracuta x Mastermind Capsule Collection

A blend of heritage and modernity


Certainly! Baracuta and Mastermind have once again joined forces to introduce an all-new exclusive capsule collection that combines timeless elegance with avant-garde originality. This collaboration serves as a fresh continuation of their last partnership in 2019. Since its establishment in 1997, Mastermind has dedicated its creative process to incorporating Japanese materials, traditional techniques, and cutting-edge technology to create authentic garments. Baracuta, on the other hand, remains loyal to its processes, often using its Baracuta Cloth — which maintains a “Made in the UK” ethos — to ground itself firmly in local production.

The new Baracuta x Mastermind collaboration seamlessly encapsulates the combination of British and Japanese fabrications. It reimagines two of Baracuta’s most iconic styles: the G4 and 69, with a distinctive touch from Mastermind. For example, new customizations to the jackets come in the form of specially designed zip closures and embroidered logos. Additionally, the all-new Mastermind bucket hat, hoodie, and T-shirt embody an oversized aesthetic with daring iconography.

You can take a closer look at this exciting collaboration on the official Baracuta website starting from March 1. It's a fusion of heritage and modernity that pays tribute to both brands' rich legacies.