Banksy Sells ‘Offensive And Impractical’ Merchandise At New Pop Up Shop

The shop appeared overnight on Church Street, Croydon.


Elusive street artist Banksy has set up a pop up shop overnight in Croydon, London, inside a disused retail outlet. 

The artist revealed details on his Instagram page, racking up over 700,000 likes, and claimed that the shop is “possibly the least poetic reason ever to create some art.” The store, known as Gross Domestic Product, is a window display which will be selling a range of ‘offensive and impractical’ items, available from just £10. The shop features the iconic stab vest designed by the artist, which was worn by Stormzy at his Glastonbury appearance earlier this year. 

According to an ITV article, the artist opened the shop following a legal dispute against a greeting cards company, after an attempt to use the Banksy trademark in their own products. “I think they’re banking on the idea I won’t show up in court to defend myself” claimed the artist.

Other items which are displayed within the store include welcome mats made from life vests which were saved from the shores of the Mediterranean, hand-stitched by women in Greek detainment camps, Police helmet disco balls and a toddlers toy which is designed as a game to load wooden migrant figures into a toy haulage truck. Looks like Banksy is trying to tell us something, huh?

The proceeds of the store will be used to buy a new migrant rescue boat, to replace one of those allegedly confiscated by Italian authorities.

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(Photos: The Evening Standard)