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Balenciaga's Kitsch SS18 Campaign Parodies The Family Photos We'd Rather Forget

Balenciaga's Kitsch SS18 Campaign Parodies The Family Photos We'd Rather Forget

Read the best and worst Instagram reactions.


True to Demna Gvasalia's tongue-in-cheek style and penchant for ugly nostalgia, Balenciaga's upcoming spring/summer 2018 campaign parodies the kitsch family photographs we'd rather forget.

Balenciaga unveiled the shots in a series of Instagram posts; awkwardly staged, set against vintage studio backdrops and featuring oversized '80s and '90s-inspired clothing, the campaign is a portal back to simpler times.

Not everyone was a fan, with some calling out its similarity to thrift store style and one Instagram comment even calling for Gvasalia to be fired. Guess you can't please everyone! Check out the best and the worst Instagram reactions below.


The good


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Balenciaga (@balenciaga) am

Looks like an early ‘90 American sitcom. I absolutely love it – frankygram85

😍wow😍wonderful💕– astrolog_evsevia

So vintage this reminds me of my family when I was younger ❤️❤️❤️  – Leonaroseiberth

Balenciaga on fire – Jordiaixela


The bad


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Balenciaga (@balenciaga) am

This designer needs to be fired – Map_mariah

Trying hard to be cool. What’s wrong Balenciaga 😣– Lynrb

A $1 thrift store haul branded as a $500 must-have sports wear… Shameless… – Jetgirl37

I can’t deal with the use of Balenciaga’s name on these past campaigns. The current administration will kill the historical concept of elegance that people have when you think of Balenciaga 💔– Roxyaedo

While you’re reviving all these horrible late 90s looks can you bring back Jncos too? – cashida_greed

Looks like these clothes were dropped in a care package in 1994 in the former Yugoslavia and picked up by a cold and emaciated bombed out of their home teenager. Stop now there is enough useless crap in the world. – lost_genius_of_fashion

you do realise that #demnagvasalia doesn’t have a clue How to design and is literally throwing the legacy of #cristobalbalenciaga down the toilet? – lost_genius_of_fashion

Someone put energy into this….not a lot but someone put energy into this worthless rubbish. – lost_genius_of_fashion


The plain funny


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Balenciaga (@balenciaga) am

Thrift shops are shaking rn LOL 😂 – Francissinco

Mannnn he got the Adams Family Lurch Blazer On With Leather Shorts And Substitute teacher 5 Pocket Slacks 👖😩😩😩 – Foreverflyjus

This sh!t looks like something out of Burlington coat factory! #bargainbin – saint_jeroboam

I see people disliking this. But yall be the first ones to buy when h&m copies this – Alanversace


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