ASHWARYA Releases Heartfelt Single "Enough" from Upcoming EP Release

The Australian-Indian singer dives into emotional depths.


In a world filled with musical candy, Australian-Indian sensation ASHWARYA isn't afraid to serve up a dish that's rich in emotional flavor. With her newest single "Enough," this vocal powerhouse is giving listeners a taste of her forthcoming EP, Why’s It Gotta Hurt.

ASHWARYA, based in the vibrant musical hub of Melbourne, has been causing ripples in the industry with her raw and authentic approach to music. After the soul-stirring success of her previous single "Up In My Head," which earned the love of fans and critics alike, she's not just dipping her toes into the waters of musical exploration – she's diving in headfirst. With "Enough," ASHWARYA continues her journey to the core of her musicality, unearthing emotions and delivering them in a way that resonates with listeners on a soul-deep level.

ASHWARYA isn't content with simply tugging at your heartstrings through your earbuds. No, she's taking things to the next level with the song's accompanying video. In a world where music videos often lean towards flashy visuals and choreographed dance routines, ASHWARYA keeps it refreshingly real. The video features her inside a moving telephone booth, which might sound mundane, but trust us, it's anything but.

With a camera that seems to peer into her soul, ASHWARYA isn't shying away from vulnerability. She oscillates between a deadpan stare and moments of emotional turmoil as she pours her heart out into the phone's mouthpiece. It's as if we've been granted an intimate glimpse into her world, watching her navigate the intricate web of emotions that "Enough" encapsulates.

When asked about the inspiration behind "Enough," ASHWARYA revealed, "I’ve always wanted ‘Enough’ to be the visual and sonic sequel to ‘Up In My Head.’" She explained that it was vital for her to craft a continuation of the world she's building, offering a contrast between the two tracks. The artist's ability to juxtapose different tracks and visuals while still maintaining a cohesive narrative thread is commendable, and it's evident that she's leaving no stone unturned in her creative process.