Amber-Simone Is Proud Of Each Part Of Her Identity

She wrote ‘Black, No Sugar’ for anyone questioning if they are valid or beautiful.


A queen of soul, funk, and immense, authentic emotions, expressed through her stunning voice and incredible vocal range. Meet Amber-Simone, whose newest single ‘Black, No Sugar’ celebrates her black heritage and self-discovery.

Exclusively with us, she shares the complexities of the process. ‘As a teenager, I definitely feel like I had experiences after moving out of a more diverse space that leads to a big battle with my confidence and ability to see myself as beautiful. I still feel myself having to work myself out of that space which in some way became a default setting and something I think no one should ever have to feel’. She also admits that, when writing the song, it struck her ‘how young it can start and how un-isolated that scenario is’,

That’s why, ‘Black, No Sugar’ is dedicated to anyone questioning if they are valid or beautiful. ‘Invest time into what matters to you, surround yourself with people who love you, and give yourself time,’ advises Amber-Simone, and she reassures. ‘It will come’.

When asked which part of her identity she’s the proudest of, she doesn’t hesitate for a second. ‘All of it. It's me.’

The release of ‘Black, No Sugar’ is accompanied by a short film with a live performance of the song, directed by highly acclaimed Sophie Jones. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the ‘Black, No Sugar Live' performance which will be dropping with Amber-Simone’s next release.


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