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Adidas Paging Dr. Shoe Surgeon Needed In Bristol Studio

Adidas Paging Dr. Shoe Surgeon Needed In Bristol Studio

Surgical precision for the Crazy BYW Art Collection.


Bristol Studio is back with another adidas Crazy Boost You Wear collab even before their first collab November release. This time enlisting The Shoe Surgeon on the three piece capsule collection. 

But here is the catch: These are not for public release. Nope these sneakers are an art piece, yeah like something you see in an art gallery, made for the SS19 Bristol Studio. 

The art pieces are inspired by the 3D nature of footwear with industrial design/ futuristic dystopian element added. The sneaker art pieces were transformed by the talented Shoe Surgeon from commercial to art work. The design incorporates aluminum, cardboard, plastic, and suede materials; not a common combination on a sneaker silhouette. 

Sneakers have evolved from sportswear to street wear to luxe fashion and now art.

What is next for the sneaker?

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