Boyish, A Queer Indie Duo, Sounds Like A Blue Sky

‘Congratulations’ oscillates between very bitter and very sweet.


Looking for a fresh indie sound? Dreaming of satisfying your 90s nostalgia? Seeking a wintertime happy-sad song? ‘Congratulations,’ the newest single by Boyish, a queer duo from Brooklyn, will deliver everything of the above and so much more. A delicate, raw guitar of Claire Altendahl and an effortless, dreamy vocal of India Shore make a perfect combination and a soundtrack for endless walks across the city.

They met at Berklee College of Music when India needed a guitarist for an audition tape and Claire volunteered. Since then, they created EPs and albums together, received the 2021 LGBTQ+ Emerging Artist Award, and self-described their music as ‘Big Gay Sadness.’ However, their new track, ‘Congratulations’ actually sounds like a vast, blue sky.

The song narrates a story of a friendship that unexpectedly turned into a stronger feeling. ‘It’s the moment when you fear that once you cross that line there’s no going back. It’s written from the present day after things have fallen apart but reflects back to the moment when you become more than just friends,’ Boyish explains.

The release of ‘Congratulations’ is accompanied by a dual-sided music video, directed by Chase Denton, depicting New York in pastel, idyllic shades. ‘It’s a micro-narrative, in which we filmed the exact same shot of each of us. But then, it was flipped in post-production to make this great inverted effect.’

‘Congratulations’ by Boyish is out now. 

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