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A Chance To Be Beyoncé’s Assistant?!

On Twitter, obviously!


Do you think you have what it takes to be Beyoncé’s assistant?

After the massive success of Netflix and their Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch released last Christmas, we’re sure that hype around decision games is making a comeback.

19-year-old Landon Rivera has created a viral thread on Twitter with a ‘make your own choice’ game revolving around Beyoncé and if you have what it takes to be her assistant. 

Rivera spoke to BuzzFeed News and described the game as taking over 5 hours to create and how it is “"It’s pretty much divided off common logic and some Beyoncé trivia”. He continues on by saying "I hope she would laugh and not be too offended [...] Especially since I kind of twisted her persona to be a cliché celebrity." 

I can say that I personally attempted this and got fired on my first choice, sorry Beyoncé I just wanted you to have a breakfast treat!


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